18 Wheels of Steel - Convoy

18 Wheels of Steel - Convoy 1.02

18 Wheels of Steel: Convoy is the 4th release of the driving simulation series

18 Wheels of Steel: Convoy is the fourth release of the series which you are the owner of a trucking business and you must haul cargo between more than 40 U.S.cities from coast to coast, Canada and Mexico. Your goal is to build a fleet, deliver the goods to make money, and finally defeat the competition. You start with a single hauler to finally get a vast network of convoys and dominate the roads. During the game, you must make important decisions that can make you lose or save money and time. You are in charge of everything in your company, from hiring the drivers, select the the trucks and trailers, and of course maintain them in perfect conditions. The game includes a great variety of trailers, rigs and types of cargo such as livestock, automobiles, timber, hazardous, waste, milk, among many others. You also must respect the traffic signs and rules, otherwise the police will arrive and you will lose money. The graphics and sounds are awesome, featuring wonderful landscapes and real scenarios from the different areas, which make it worth trying.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Excellent graphics and sounds
  • Amazing scenarios
  • Great variety of trucks


  • Repetitive music
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